Rocket attacks from Gaza broke the recent calm in the South of Israel yesterday night.

I personally cleared out our safe room at home just in case the rocket siren in Beersheva sounded. Communities that are a 15 minute drive from us heard the sirens last night although we did not.

I got into a talk on Twitter with a pro-Palestinian who said that these rockets do not kill people and therefore they are not dangerous. That is total B.S.!!

#1 These type of rockets have killed people in the past.

#2 PTSD which is very common in kids and adults after these sort of attacks IS a major thing that affects us and that should not be overlooked.

#3 There is *absolutely* no such thing as a “Friendly Rocket”! They do not exist! Rockets are fired with the intent to do damage not to send love to the people on the receiving end.

#4 The warning sirens are loud as heck and can be a traumatic experience on their own. Here’s a link to a much less loud version of what we hear before and during a rocket attack here in the South of Israel.

If you are interested in helping, please support 57seconds. We are raising awareness of the security situation in the South of Israel via their various media outlets as well as raising funds to build public bomb shelters in Beersheva, Israel.


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